W A R R A N T Y · T W O - Y E A R · Two-year guarantee Own after-sales service: 900 39 39 39 The new Proclinic Expert cordless LED curing light provides faster curing times thanks to its direct light source An attractive and robust design Maximum stability when placed in the charger A simple systemwith 6 pre-programmed working times and 3 curing modes for curing most materials in any situation Fully-charged, it can deliver over 200 work cycles Automatic compensation circuit for constant power output, avoiding curing errors Several colours: pink, black and white Removable fibreglass guide, covered with the same material as the light for easy cleaning and disinfection Designed to give you confidence during any procedure thanks to: Proclinic Expert LED Curing Light 750-1600 mW/cm 2 Intensity of: Broad spectrum output: 440 to 480 nm, which activates most photo-initiators Highly resistant polycarbonate housing Protective light shield included with the standard model Right-angled head for easy access to confined spaces Radiometer Simple and compact design, easy to use Dimensions: 110x68x33mm Intensity readings up to 2500 mW/cm 2