COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH WATER ABSORPTION SOLUBILITY INWATER Proclinic Expert 349MPa 322MPa Other brands Proclinic Expert 10µg/mm 3 25µg/mm 3 Other brands Proclinic Expert 0.1µg/mm 3 2.5µg/mm 3 Other brands Proclinic Expert core build-up A highly radiopaque, flowable, dual-cured composite with excellent mechanical properties for core build-ups. The dentine shade can be used to create highly aesthetic, metal-free restorations. Supplied in auto-mix syringes for quick and easy application. Two indications in a single product: core build-ups and post cementation. The high filler content (70% by weight) of Proclinic Expert core build-up ensures high wear resistance. Its outstanding bond strength to dentine (22MPa) guarantees long-lasting restorations. The product’s excellent thixotropic behaviour means it is easily moulded and adapts well to irregular preparations and endodontic posts. Its high radiopacity allows long-term treatment follow-up. Dr Eduardo González Arroyo Clínica Fernández Member of Association of Dental Surgeons number 28007247 “The intrinsic problems associated with core build-ups are overcome by using a strong, easy-to-use and fast setting material, such as the new Proclinic Expert core build-up." Proclinic Expert core build-up 1 x 10g syringe, 5 mixing tips and 5 intra-oral tips (type 4) 78560 Intra-oral tips (type 4) (50 units) 78561